Criticism: How to Receive It

May 26, 2020 Leadership-ing
Criticism: How to Receive It
Show Notes

Today is part one of our "Criticism", focused first on how to receive it.

First, we introduce the topic of whether or not you can grow to love criticism, we highly recommend you check out this podcast episode: "How to Love Criticism"

We then went on to recommend to following as a way to prepare to receive criticism:

  • Before: Keep a Posture of Learning
    • Disarm the idea of criticism by seeing it as a vehicle for ideas and information.
  • During: Run it Through 2 Filters
    • A trusted source or sources.
    • Your vision for yourself.
      • Disarm the idea by remembering you are not compelled to accept it.
  • After: In your next opportunity, be more mindful of the thing you were provided feedback on.